mornington peninsula residential architect

Tucks Ridge House

The Tucks Ridge House is a new rural dwelling inhabiting an undulating and picturesque landscape. 

Fundamental to the client's vision, also shared by the architect was to restore and heal the pastoral landscape so that it turns slowly back to indigenous bushland and waterway.

Any work of architecture should aim to possess a robust and delightful sculptural quality that responds to the client brief, to the context and to the present. With this in mind, the Tucks Ridge House inhabits its place as a stage for living and as weather vane: establishing a dialogue with the landscape and a connection to the cosmos. The sculptural expression of the building is thus a medium to provide delightful living spaces that enhance the daily joy of living between landscape and sky.

The resulting formal response is visually no more complex than a tent, yet this simplicity allows the relationship between architecture and landscape to become profound. 

Decks carved out of the building form create outdoor spaces sheltered from the wind or the sun depending on weather conditions.

Internal spaces are concerned with finding serenity and quietness, so that the sounds of native fauna, the smell of the forest and fields and the weather carry through. There are equal amounts of shelter and prospect.

Builder: Peter Drummond & Head Carpenter: Andrew Fowler (RIP Andy) Landscaping: (Aust.) Wetland & Wildlife Creations

Interior photography by Benjamin Hosking and exterior photography by Adrian Bonomi

Film by Kendall Monk