mornington peninsula architect

Shoreham CFA Fire Station

This modern new fire station facility is part of the Victorian Government's state-wide rollout of new rural fire stations in response to the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission. An exhaustive community effort, including a highly successful fund raising drive, significant good will and energy from the CFA and a tremendous job from the contractor TS Constructions has resulted in a building which provides not only a functional role in fire management but almost more important - a community hub and town centre.

Despite a very tight time schedule, considerably fixed budget, rigid structural, design and brief requirements, I was nonetheless able to alter the siting of the building, it's orientation and modify the roof line to be more coherent. These were all critical amendments to the design provided as standard by the CFA. These seemingly small adjustments have made an ordinary utility building into a nuanced and robust industrial building that integrates with its landscape. 

Builder: TS Constructions

Photography by Adrian Bonomi.