mornington peninsula architect

Five Courtyards House

Sandwiched between nineteenth century worker's weatherboard cottages, the Five Courtyards House makes a confident statement about small footprint sustainable housing in a densely populated urban context. It nestles comfortably between the pitched roof dwelling either side but the architecture is more concerned with the present and the future.

It has an orderly and elegant transition from public to private spaces. Direct connections to private courtyards and ample natural light at all times of the day drive the architectural response. It has a sense of volumetric generosity and delight that defies it’s compact size by prioritising volume, light and surface continuity, negating the need for excessive floor space.

An ideal north facing living room was not an option on a nine metre wide block, so instead, the living space nestles between two tranquil courtyards with wide eaves. A green courtyard is used instead of a formal internal entry space, providing a verdant and cool space to welcome visitors.

Photography: Nic Granleese

Builder: Rama Yagiz