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Moss House View 3.jpg

Balnarring Beach House

A project for a client who wants to build a new and enduring family house to be handed down generations. To last, a house must be both monumental, honest and refined in it's expression. A house must serve the owner's requirements but it must also look to the future and speak of the landscape it inhabits. 

The design draws on the local coastal landform for inspiration. The Balnarring Beach headland provides for both prospect and refuge. These fundamental elements of nature are translated into the design as a sinuous rammed earth spine wall dividing family and guest sleeping areas from the communal and parent's living spaces. Perforations in the wall facilitates social interaction or separation as desired.

Another translation of the immediate natural patterns is the second rammed earth wall that defines the lane way edge and turns the house's back to the harsh winter winds - much like the headland offers refuge from winds in nature. Living spaces open up to the north and east for ideal orientation and passive solar control. The house "faces" to the light and the summer breezes.