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Adrian Bonomi,  RAIA



The office produces modern, sustainable, serene and highly crafted buildings underpinned by the traditions and cultural markers that have defined the practice of architecture for centuries.

Architecture acts as a medium between the environment, culture and people. Like people, buildings inhabit a place and so buildings should engage with the essence of that place or landscape and respect the natural order of the land. To achieve this, architects and their design teams work with a detailed understanding of the natural and built environment, of landscape, of people and of the history of a place.

Adrian's architecture is designed to engage and stimulate the human emotions and to possess a human tactility, rather than to simply fulfil an aesthetic or functional goal. Adrian's architecture is about encouraging and discovering a more meaningful appreciation of life's everyday rituals; and about the delicate and subtle play between prospect and refuge.

Passive solar thermal performance, ideal building siting and orientation, sustainability through use of recycled materials, use of recyclable materials and a minimisation of superfluous automation are important drivers of the design process. Cross-ventilation, daylight management and privacy is designed integrally and to be worked by the inhabitant to perform optimally. Appropriate materials are used in their rawest form and these materials are composed with refined detailing.

When all these elements are considered together, everyday building can be elevated to something that has a chance of enduring beyond the frantic pace of current architectural styles and fashions.


Architects find creative and innovative solutions that simultaneously resolve multiple design challenges and fulfil client's requirements. Architects work to discover the true value and qualities unique to each project.

You provide the design brief and then we develop an understanding of your personality, your lifestyle and the long term value you wish to explore in your project. The design process is allowed to take place in a timeframe specific to the needs of each project and client. During the concept design stage, the design brief is translated into a future work of architecture and landscape. The design development stage refines the building elements and interiors. If required, town planning approval is handled by the architect, saving you all the stress and time involved. The construction documentation stage produces highly detailed drawings and specifications that provides your builder with a complete package of fully coordinated information. Most important, we work closely with your builder to bring the building into being and to make the process as enjoyable and simple as possible for you the client.

Adrian Bonomi

Registered Architect 16748, A+ Member AIA, B. Arch. (Hons) 1997, Diploma (Architectural Technology) 1993

Adrian Bonomi developed his interest in architecture from an early age, having grown up in a family of master builders, artists and technicians. He was surrounded by the construction work of his grandfather, the artwork of his mother and grandmother and the technical knowledge of his electrical fitter father. An interest in design from an early age and a love of the land and of making things led Adrian inexorably towards a career in the profession and art form of architecture.

In the last eight years Adrian has produced a range of unique buildings for clients of diverse backgrounds and needs. He has 14 years prior experience in a range of architectural firms in Sydney, London and Melbourne, including three years with the late and renowned Sydney modernist architect Neville Gruzman AM.