mornington peninsula residential architect

Tuck's Redux House - Shoreham - Construction

Currently under construction in Shoreham, Tuck's Redux is a small footprint modern-rural dwelling project on the Mornington Peninsula. Critically, it signifies a long awaited opportunity for the architect to explore and discover the essence of his architecture and to express that through a building truly of its place and time.

Modest of budget and scope, the project's idyllic purpose derives from the client's altruistic and honest aspirations for modest modern-rural dwelling.

The project is a wonderful and dynamic partnership between architect and client - a true "patron" and "artist" commission. Good architecture can manifest only with the patronage of courageous and generous clients.

The life and experience of my client, their belief in a meaningful and holistic connection to country and place, and a desire to allow the architect to create with utmost freedom is all conveyed in the design. 

The building form derives from three main considerations. First, the undulating form of the land is woven into the building's startling roof of shimmering galvanised steel. Second, the client's desire to settle down after a life of work and "make roots" inspired the roof that meets the ground. Third, an exploration of Australian rural architectural history was conducted - leading to a richer re-discovery of the seminal work of Glenn Murcutt and the ancient simple bark shelter vernacular of our aboriginal people.

Artistic renderings by Adrian Bonomi