Adrian bonomi,  RAIA

Adrian Bonomi AIA is a sole practitioner working from Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. The practice produces modern, sustainable, serene and highly crafted buildings.

Several key ideas and strategies are followed to produce such architecture. The core idea is that buildings should respond to the immediate local place and time they inhabit and be modern and look to the future.

Practically speaking, the elements of nature or the built environment are legibly woven into the design to result in buildings that speak of the place an time they inhabit. These elements might be something as simple as the inclination of a nearby mountain, the rugged geology, a rusting industrial site, a sea breeze, the qualities of the native vegetation, the energy of a stream or the trajectory of the sun and moon.

The buildings are tactile, raw but refined and are designed to be worked by the inhabitant to perform their best. In other words, automation and mechanical systems are avoided wherever possible and so operating a building's ventilation, daylight and furnishings becomes one of it's joys - like sailing a boat. The occupant therefore becomes engaged with the building rather than controlling automatic systems by remote control.

A detailed evaluation of the client's brief and an understanding of their personality, their lifestyle and architectural ambition are critical in the early stages of each project.

A thorough understanding of passive solar design, sustainable building practices and a core interest in modest footprint dwellings ensures ideal comfort, energy efficiency and good value. 

Adrian Bonomi Architect was founded in 2009 after 14 years of varied experience in Sydney, London and Melbourne.

A full range of architectural services are offered.