Adrian bonomi,  RAIA

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Adrian Bonomi Architect is based on the Mornington Peninsula. The practice produces modern, sustainable, serene and highly crafted buildings. Architecture can act as a medium between the environment, culture and people, and it should provide dignified and stimulating surroundings that have a positive effect on people's lives. Buildings, like people, inhabit a place and so buildings should engage with the essence of that place to provide a dialogue rich with purpose and joyful expression.

The architecture strives for a human tactility through the use of materials in their rawest form, and these materials are employed with refined detailing. The buildings are designed for passive thermal performance and to be worked by the inhabitant to perform optimally. Automation and mechanical systems are avoided wherever possible. This and other qualities adds to the joy of inhabitation and thus through engagement with the building, a feeling of stronger connection to place can form.

A rigorous understanding of passive solar design, sustainable building practices and a core interest in modest footprint dwellings ensures ideal comfort, energy efficiency and long term value. 


The design process is contemplative, adaptive to each project and client and ever evolving. Despite this, rigorous fundamentals are observed and revisited during each new project to refine and strengthen core processes and philosophies. You provide the design brief and then we develop an understanding of your personality, your lifestyle and the long term value you wish to explore in your project. During the concept design stage, that understanding is translated into a work of architecture. Design work begins from the landscape and exterior and works inward, like a sculptor works to reveal the beauty within a piece of marble. The design development stage refines the building elements and interiors. The construction documentation stage produces highly detailed drawings and specifications that provides your builder with a complete package of fully coordinated information. Most important, we work closely with your builder to bring the building into being and to make the process as enjoyable and simple as possible for you the client.

Adrian Bonomi  

B. Arch (Hons) 1997, Assoc. Dip. (Architectural Technology) 1993, REGISTERED ARCHITECT 16748, RAIA

In the last eight years Adrian has produced a range of unique buildings for clients of diverse backgrounds and needs. Adrian has 22 years experience including a range of architectural firms in Sydney, London and Melbourne, including the renowned Sydney modernist architect Neville Gruzman AM.